STAY Cottage Land Kashiwagi

Welcome to Kashiwagidaira Lake Resort.
You can find your fresh Natural life
and can experience and see new yourself.

FUN Activities

Which would you like to do prefer? Using your tongue and try tasty food?Using your body and do active playing?

みんなでワイワイ楽しく!Please Enjoy Tasty Things

With your family, friends and groups, together with doing would be ten times as tasty as alone!

Tasty Plans

  • BBQ
  • Pizza cooking by stone oven
  • Soba cooking from buckwheat flour
  • Autumn fish Ayu eating
  • edible wild plant eating
  • edible wild mushrooms eating
  • edible wild nuts eating

柏木平の自然と遊ぼう!Please Enjoy Nature Activities

Kashiwagidaira Lake Resort’s pretty nature would welcome you, heal you, and grow you! Please breathe deeply and refresh yourself.

Nature Activities Plans

  • Look up constellation
  • Bird-Watching
  • Cycling by mountain bike or assist bicycle
  • Ski-Walking (depend on snow conditions)
  • Sled-Riding (depend on snow conditions)
  • pick edible wild plants (Spring)
  • pick edible wild mushrooms (Autumn)
  • pick edible wild nuts (Autumn)


Here you can enjoy typical Tono area food, 「Jingisukan(ram BBQ)」「Hittsumi (special noodle vegetable soup)「Autumn fish Ayu」Not only typical Japanese area foods but Pizza and Pasta and family foods and Menu.