Please try some Activities and Experiences

Some Activities needs preparation and reservation.
About Tel icon please call or send mail about contents.

If you interested in Eating and delicious foods


BBQstove_photo Imagine pleasant time with friendly friends and families doing BBQ!
Stay nights means no stress for drink beer and time.
There is rental BBQ stove
(reasonable for 4person, need reservation 1BBQ stove @1,650yen)

Lava Plate Stone Oven Pizza

StoneOven_Pizza_photo From flouer, you can cook pizza crust and burn pizza.
You can feel good smell of crust fermentation.
(It takes 3 hours and 1 pizza @2,100yen.
If you don’t have much time only topping pizza would cost @1,580yen and it takes time about 30minutes)

Soba Noodle Cooking

Buckwheat cut_photo From local buckwheat flour, you can cook typical Japanese noodle, soba.
From ancient times, soba is eaten and have deep meaning to eat soba.
Please master how to cook soba and eat them usually.
(It takes 2 hours @2,100yen/1person)

Edible wild plants・Chestnuts・local mushrooms gathering

WildVegetable and Mushroom_photo Early in spring, with melted snow, edible wild plants will appear(butterbur flower stalk).
Many expensive edible wild plants, how many kinds can you pick them?
In Autumn, Chestnuts and local mushrooms are tasty and find them is special pleasure.

If you interested in active actions

Watch constellations

Starry sky of Kashiwagidaira_photo In winter, cold air but clear stars, in summer with burning a mosquito coil of incenses,Falling stars and Milky Way is usually be found if it’s fine night.

Enjoy Firefly

Firefly_photo Kashiwagidaira is special topography. It means the land is surrounded 360°Sarugaishi Liver.
And clear stream, Otomo Liver makes good environment for fireflies. Middle of June to 7th of July,Typical firefly Genji would be watched. After that Heike would be watched.
The places would be changed year, then firefly expert person will advise about it.

Bird Watching

Osprey_photo Bird Kite is always, fish hawk, owl, raptorial is living.
Good sound of woodpecker, good looking of long-tailed cock, good song of flycatcher is living.
Bird watchers longing bird, Try to mountain is sometimes be watched.

Visit Walk Waterfalls

Fujisawa Falls_photo It is said minus ion is good for human.
Tono area is surrounded mountains and rivers, so naturally waterfall Paradise!
This pictures Fujisawa Waterfall is 10minutes ride by car from Cottage to Entrance. Next day’s muscular rheumatism ? Who know?


Run through the forest in the mountain bike_photo Cottage forest named Glory Forest, there are natural mountainbike courses.
In winter time, there would be cross country skiing course, or snow show walking course.
(Rental mountainbike 1 hour/@300yen 3hours/@500yen and Rental Assist electric bicycle 1hour/@500yen)