EatTono Beer Restrant

Let me show Menu of Tono Beer Restaurant, souvenirs

Introduction of Tono Beer Restaurant

What is Tono Beer Restaurant?

Here, you can try sweetfish, Ayu, typical seasonable Autumn river fish,Jingihis Khan BBQ (Ram loin with vegetable by special BBQ sauce) with special BBQ iron pan.Hittsumi is one of famouse foods in Tohoku area, original noodle with Japanese soup.Not only local foods but many reasonable menu in Restaurant. (Pasta, Pizza, Pilaf, Curry Rice etc.)Then from baby to old person can enjoy various foods. Out of Restaurant on terrace, you can stay with your Pets.
About drinks, Area Beer, Marzenbier, Weizenbier, Pilsnerbier with middle size schooner or bottle of them.For drivers, Non-alcholic beer can, many kinds of softdrinks are served.

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Shop Hours

Open from April 4th Saturday to 4th Sunday of November of weekends and holidays. Saturday, Sunday, National holidays, Golden Week(in May) Summer Special holidays(around 13 to18 of Augusut), Silver Week (in September) only.
Open Door from 10:00 to 16:00
Lunch Time 11:00 to 15:00
If you plan to group party please ask us directry (more than 10 persons, we will accept party, but restaurant would be close at 21:00)

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SOUVENIR or GIFT(Door to Door service)

Wasabi Ale 6 bottles set

Wasabi Ale_image

Wasabi Ale 6 bottles set

¥ 4,500
(included refrigerated home-delivery service charge)(both case in domestic only)

Based local Wasabi(Japanese hot spice) extract, green specialAle. Good for sashimi(sliced raw fish), typical japanese foods.

Garlic(6~8 bulb 300g)



(included home-delivery service charge)(both case in domestic only)

They are from natural agriculture, at Cottage Land Kashiwagi Field.
They are very safety and deep taste.

Kappa Jingihis Khan Iron Pan

Kappa Jingihis Khan Iron Pan_image

Kappa Jingihis Khan Iron Pan

(included home-delivery service charge)(both case in domestic only)

Its shape is imagined legend animal, Kappa and Football pattern. Very famous Iron pan company, IWACHU (Morioka, Iwate-pref.) made.

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